Phoenix, Arizona is one of the fastest

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. We are a rapidly growing, strong, and wealthy community. What was once a settlement of land between the California gold mines and endless desert is now booming with opportunities. However, tangled in the haste and hurry everyone seems to possess these days, is the longing for tranquility and peace.

Ever since I was a baby, my family drove me up to the small, simple town of Prescott, Arizona to visit my grandparents. I gradually moved up from “Rugrats” and Fruit Loops to ditch ’em and hide and seek in the forests. I was able to run freely and not worry about “stranger danger.” No, not in Prescott. I remember bawling like a baby whenever I was separated from my grandparents and the city I truly called my home, and was forced back down into the Valley of the Sun, where my source of fun was watching Jeopardy with our eighty-year old babysitter.

My love for the small, simple town has not changed since. Although Prescott is flourishing with homes and businesses, it has not yet lost its hometown appeal. Antique stores surround a green, relaxing courthouse in the small town, which attracts some odd characters. Lazy days whisk by you, lounging in the freshly cut grass, with a cool breeze caressing your hair, gives you the illusion that reality no longer exists. In that moment, you no longer worry about work or car payments or homework. Simply sitting. That is what your hometown should feel like. Prescott can give you that. You can live the life that you want, with the security of knowing your children are safe playing out in the yard. You do not get that feeling everywhere and when you have it, hold onto it. There is only one place that you can truly call your home. Even though I live in scorching, rush hour Phoenix, my heart is laying in the grass next to the courthouse on Whiskey Row. 

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